Out With Anxiety. ☞

*Preface: By no means am I an expert on anxiety. However, with some research as well as first-hand experience & testimonies, it is safe to say that anxiety is evidently one of the most common struggles that affects human kind-all over the world. I hope this blog helps you gain perspective & points you in the direction ☞ of living in freedom; may anxiety no longer force us into a dark place, but may this be a time where the sun shines on truth, banishing what was never meant to rule our lives. BUH-BYE ANXIETY!!!

A N X I E T Y.


☞ “Anxiety disorders reflect disorders that share a general feature of excessive fear (i.e. emotional response to perceived or real threat) &/or anxiety (i.e. anticipation of future threat) & demonstrate behavioral & functional disturbances as a result.” (Anxiety.org)

☞ “A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.” (Dictionary.com)

☞ “There are different types of anxiety disorders which include: generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, & various phobia-related disorders.” (Nimh.nih.gov)


According to Mayoclinic.org, “the causes of anxiety disorders aren’t fully understood. Life experiences such as traumatic events appear to trigger anxiety disorders in people who are already prone to anxiety. Inherited traits also can be a factor. For some people, anxiety may be linked to an underlying health issue.”

In addition, from dealing with anxiety first-hand, I believe that anxiety starts from within; it’s a mental phenomenon that develops/transitions into a physical one. Stemming from an amalgam of things including: fear, worry, doubt, insecurity, overthinking, etc. We create these “what-if” scenarios & constantly worry about not only what’s behind us, but what’s ahead, instead of basking in the moment(s) we are currently living in. We let our past experiences shape our expectations & trigger our anticipatory reactors, thinking “only the worst could come out of that situation,” whatever it may be-for that person (for you even!). We stay as far away as possible from anything or any scenario that could activate our anxiety; thus, in turn, missing out on many life events/experiences.

The thoughts in our brains are powerful; I wonder what could happen if we can exercise our mind & feed it truth, all while focusing on the positives…we’d leave a lot less space for all the junk to occupy! That’s what we call mind-wellness. It’s a real struggle, but it is SO key to making sure we don’t let the wrong things make a home where they’re not supposed to!


• Hinderance of daily activities; social anxiety; isolation.

• Physical/Cognitive: cramping, dizziness, stress sickness, headaches, muscle tension, heart racing, sweating, change in breathing, high blood pressure, nervous habits develop, panic attacks, restlessness, trembling, constantly catching sickness, itchy skin, insomnia, racing thoughts, nausea, etc.


I never knew I had anxiety until this year, when I was able to identify it as so. Looking back, it has been part my life for quite a while, but something I never looked right in the eye or honestly ever realized because it’s just how my life & how I “have always been.” It was sadly disguised this entire time as my “norm.” I believe the enemy (yes, satan) comes to steal, kill, destroy (John 10:10)… & ANXIETY my friends, can do just that! A few things stood out to me this year that forced me to stop & try to figure out why these things were happening. I started getting pains in my lower abdomen/stomach, felt like I was constantly coming down with a cold, had tense muscles in my upper neck/head, & started to see that a lot of my thought processes included: worried thoughts, negative thoughts. Even in the small day-to-day such as being somewhere on time or being around people- social anxiety started to develop, which is NOT ME YA’LL! I love people & see my self as a natural socializer. Over time, anxiety really started to affect me physically & mentally, disabling me from being who I know I am meant to be.

I know who I have been in my strongest seasons & now I can see the contrast to that when I am not quite there.

Through recognition, identification, research, change in thought process & most powerfully-through prayer, I am happy to say that I have been able to have a better handle on my anxiety. Although it is still a daily battle, I know one thing: I AM A CONQUERER. I WILL NOT LET THIS WIN. I WILL LIVE MY BEST LIFE & FIGHT AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO NOT BE RULED BY SOMETHING THAT HAS NO RIGHT OR AUTHORITY IN MY LIFE! The same goes for you & I hope you can declare that today, right now! It’s not a barrier that you have to accept & go on living with, it is something you can be healed from- be truly set free from (regardless of how long you have been battling with it!).



Open you heart ♡, activate your voice, & pray over that anxiety. It has NO place in your life & is not around to do anything good either. God has given us the voice of authority to go to him & not only ask, but cast out those things that are out to do us harm. Just like any other situation you are going through, anxiety is a spiritual attack on your life & you are not meant to live with the heaviness & serious burden that is has over you. Stop trying to carry it on your own- surrender it & live in freedom!

 List of helpful verses against anxiety: 

Psalm 94:19

Philippians 4:6-7

John 14:27


Anxiety speaks. It gets into the crevices of your mind, distorts your thoughts & inputs a new language into your system; practice out-talking anxiety, or rather rejecting & filling those spaces that anxiety tries to take up with positive & nourishing words. Speak great things over yourself, your identity, & your life all-around. Fill your life with truth, rid it of the lies. (*Journaling is a great practical way to start this!)


Anxiety has a good way of causing us to feel like we are spinning down & around in a big black hole, growing smaller & smaller as the world around us & our problems get bigger/amplify. Instead of distancing yourself from the people around you, I encourage you to draw close; step out; speak out. It is so hard to do, especially if you suffer from social anxiety, but believe me it is a necessary step in fighting against this ugly state of captivity. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend, or a help center/counselor, reach out as soon as possible. Nothing to feel ashamed about!


What do you like to do throughout your week? What helps you unwind/relieve tension?… Working out, listening to music, taking a bath, kicking back with a glass of wine, a walk in the fresh outdoors, focusing on a new hobby, reading a book, cooking/baking, essential oils, making your husband give you a massage (mwhaha), etc. In addition to these personal practices, even setting up an intentional counseling appointment is a great way to debrief & process your life with someone other than yourself. Health for the mind, body & spirit-AMEN!


“It’s been something that has tried to take over my life, on the daily. Since I’ve been able to identify it for what it is (anxiety) I am better able to control it & change the way I think, by putting things into perspective. I don’t let worry take root in my life. I decided that one of the best ways to fight it, is to face it. Hiding from it only feeds the fire.” -Anonymous

“Took years to understand what anxiety feels like. Accepting it would be the best thing because I allowed myself to open up & figure my real feelings.” -Anonymous 

“The biggest issue I’ve had with anxiety is a nervous twitch I developed over ten years ago that today still affects me. It’s physically noticeable and most likely causing some sort of deterioration in my left shoulder. I continue to pray that one day I will be free of this twitch caused not only by stress but also anxiety. Sometimes I can overcome it and control it but when anxiety hits hard it sometimes comes back stronger. At this point my only way of battling it is praying about it and finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety.” -Anonymous 

☞ If you would like to share your story/experience with anxiety, I would love to hear from you (click here!)! MUCH LOVE.