10 Quotes That Will Inspire Your Life. ☆


Words have power!

 & we’ve all experienced the effects of them to some degree!

Motivation. Inspiration. Encouragement. Positivity.

⇧ I believe that these are things that every person living life is constantly in search of (literally words that are typed into search engines daily; i.e. “Monday motivational quote”). Our lives are constantly in flux ☝︎☟ & we categorize things we go through by labeling them as “good & bad”…& amidst all of the changes we go through & experience, we look for truth & hope- that which is constant in life to anchor us ⚓︎ & propel us forward ⇨. We all just want to be out here “living our best lives,” & knowing that there are certain quotes or even movies we go back to (time after time) that give us that boost we need to get to where we are meant to be, is something truly comforting. You live, you learn & you grow through experience & through choosing the words to which you will hold on to in stepping forward.

⇢ ⇢ ⇢ ⇢ ⇢

After some self reflection on my own personal journey, I have realized that the reason I love ♡ to inspire others is because just like them (just like YOU)- I have been there. I have been down in the dumps, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. I have experienced loss of many kinds, left heartbroken. But one thing I’ve vowed never to do throughout the hardship is: camp there. It’s ok to mourn & go through tough times, but don’t let it become your life. The words & moments that have helped me continue along the road are exactly what I want to share with you- in hopes that they will ignite ☼ something inside of you that maybe you didn't even know was there!

10 Quotes that will inspire your life.

1. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

It’s so easy to fall into routine in life & find ourselves telling people that we’re happy that, we’re “comfortable.” Although it’s nice to play it safe & bask in that, are you being challenged? Are you forcing yourself to take steps outside of your norm & actually LIVE?! I remember after graduation from college, when I decided to take a jump (or rather a flight) across the waters to nanny abroad in London. I didn’t really know any of my family there at the time, nor did I know what the country would be like or my overall experience, but I DID IT. & you know what? It was the BEST darn experience of my life! It opened up a whole new world, I was able to see my family roots, a new culture, & most importantly I lived, I grew! So why not make that bucket list you’ve been writing for the past 10 years an actual reality! YOU GOT THIS!

2. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Disney is a part of me. I grew up on all of the “classics,” one of my favorites being Cinderella. The reason I loved her so much was because I felt I could relate to her on many levels- I loved to clean, sing, befriend animals (haha) & always dreamed of dressing up & going to a ball with the love of my life. If someone like Cinderella could get out of an unfortunate living situation, slip into a glass slipper, only to become a princess…I knew & KNOW I can do the same. Whatever your dream may be, if it comes from your heart, let me tell you: God knows about it & wants to bless you beyond measure. It’s up to you to map out how to achieve your dreams & then go after them! Never giving up is key! If you can dream it, honey, you’re already half way there! (*My current dream: to be an entrepreneur someday!)

3. “One day at a time.”

I’m not sure who was the author of this quote, but it’s more like a life motto-my life motto, in fact! Every day, every season, this seems to be a theme. Life can be all-consuming with the list of to-dos we create. I think the best way to not get overwhelmed by this is to be practical about it by making a daily plan, writing down what you need to accomplish, & checking it off as it gets done. But this quote is applicable for more than just what we do, but how we feel, what we experience, etc. That loss? Don’t rush past your feelings…take a deep breath & go through the healing process/growth, one day at a time. I believe through all that we do, we should strive to always be a carrier of peace. When joy & P-E-A-C-E are present in your daily life, it makes a world of difference in you, no matter what you’re facing!

4. “Wait for the Lord; be strong & take heart AND wait for the Lord.” -Psalms 27:14

Do you often feel you are in the waiting stages of life? Kind of like when you are in the waiting room at the dentist office, anxiously anticipating your quarterly cleaning!? I have so many dreams & goals, but I always find myself in the “journeying” stage, where my actual dreams feel so far from reach. It takes patience, resilience & TRUST. Waiting is something that is hard to do, especially when we live in a world where we want it NOW! “That latte, better be out in 3 min or I’m leaving,” type- of-mentality. When we step back & let God take the reins, let him hold our life clock, we can rest assured that he will deliver in the most perfect timing (even if it differs from our own expectations). 

5. “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” -Charlie Chaplin

Oh, Charlie, what a funny guy. I remember back in my college days when I had to attend nightly film viewings- many of them consisting of us sitting in very uncomfortable wooden seats, while we watched 3 hour silent films; Charlie’s being in the mix, in fact. I stumbled across this quote once & I will never forget it because it’s how I want to live. I don't want to waste my life & I definitely don't want to just barely “get through” it either. As scary as it it to hear, we have limited days on this Earth, & it’s up to us to make the most of it! I love to laugh & I want to strive to do it MORE! I hope that you want the same! Let’s not be so serious all the time because life was meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

6. “...Look up, Charlie, You'll see a star; Just follow it and keep your dreams in view. Pretty soon the sky is going to clear up, Charlie. Cheer up Charlie, do…Cheer up Charlie…Just be glad you're you.” -”Cheer Up CHarlie” Lyrics from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

MAN. One of my favorite movies; not only because I love sweets, but this movie activated my creative mind & allowed me to dream big/think outside of the box! During this scene in the movie, Charlie is feeling discouraged because he hasn't been one of the lucky few to stumble across the golden ticket. It’s more than that though. He feels he will never get the break he deserves, that he will always come up short-handed, always be overlooked. Gosh, does that hit home for me (& I feel like for many of us too)! As the song goes, it’s a normal part of life to feel this way now & again; we must keep our heads up towards the stars & hold on to hope like it’s going out of style. Be happy to be who you are & know one day you’ll see the sun ☼! Together, we can get through it.

7. “True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid.” -L. Frank Baum

I knew I loved the Wizard of Oz (also one of my favorite movies), but I never realized, until now, how many inspirational messages were woven into the film. Fear: it is always on mission to slow us down, discourage us, & ultimately try to stop us in all the great things we are chasing! However, as this quote declares, even when we’re afraid we must press on, because more than likely, what you are meant to do, you are probably scared to do anyways. For example, I love to write & create, but I don't really like being on the direct spotlight. If I want to showcase my art to others & be an influencer, then guess what? I may have to step out into the spotlight! If you see it like I do, the benefits of stepping out & grabbing what's on the other side of that are greater than the “what ifs” we are left with if we don’t! We must live like the cowardly lion by going after the scary wicked witch, & standing up to Oz…if it means getting to where we are meant to be, home.

8. “Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

We are always trying to model how we look or how we act based off of someone or something we see & like. No need to waste your time & energy doing this anymore because guess what?!: The BEST thing you can do is be YOU. Embrace those curls, love your curves, accentuate those freckles & let your personality shine! You were made perfectly & intricately by your creator, so flaunt what you got! There’s no one like YOU, from the inside out!

9. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince

I remember when I picked this book up at an airport in Ireland & got through it within 24 hours. I was shook when I read it. Never have I ever felt so impacted from so many angles; both from the angle of innocence & heartfelt deep emotion. If you haven't read this book, you should; it changed my life. As this quote highlights- your heart is your best compass in life. We get so distracted by what we see, what we think we need, that we end up missing what’s right in front of us. I am so happy that God showed me who my husband was from the inside out, because I got to see his big heart ♥︎ before anything else, which made him that much more attractive to me! #Weddingbells…Do yourself a favor & “don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” Just sayin’! ☺︎

10. “The grass is greener where you water it.” -Neil Barringham

Nature & plants; it’s always been my thing! In Chicago, we have 2 different conservatories & you bet, it’s one of my favorite places to visit (best part, it’s free-.99!). It’s amazing to me how much symbolism/parallelism you can draw between plants/nature & us as humans, living life. Like in this quote, it’s practical: if you don’t water plants they will die & no longer be vibrantly green, but will wither & turn brown & ugly. If you want your garden to thrive you have to water it on a consistent basis, a little at a time; from here your plant will grow tall & strong, with even stronger roots. I know that if I want better relationships in life, or want to be an amazing graphic designer, I have to invest time & effort into both of those areas. Think about your life…what areas are in need of some watering?

I hope that these quotes were an injection of hope into your spirit, into your heart ♡.


D.I.Y. ⇩

Take one of these quotes, or a quote that is an anthem in your life; write it down & post it near your bedside, or on the bathroom mirror so you can see it on the daily! Start your day by walking into the world in truth!


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