I Don't Care, I Love It. ♡

I think more than often, our actions & feelings are a result of the influence of other people. We allow the way people talk to us (or ignore us), the way people do things (or don’t do things), the opinions of others (or lack thereof) to completely shape something that God has uniquely given us, into something that is unrecognizable to its origins. Our dreams transform to be pleasing, accepted, & tailored-made to everyone else around us, BUT us. Where did that go wrong?!



It’s been on my heart lately (especially with the new year around the corner) to dig deep down in my heart where my desires, passions & giftings lay, & create my DREAM. I say create, because it is up to YOU to figure out what YOU want, what sets YOU on fire, what gets YOU excited; & for YOU to take all of those ingredients & create a most unique combination with your fingerprint embedded on it! What’s been especially challenging for me when it comes to dreaming a dream, is fighting off distraction & discouragment. It’s so easy to look around, browse the web & see what everyone else is up to —> where they are going on their latest vaction, how awesome their social life looks, a new business or avenue they are thriving in, & then draw the parallel back to yourself. Some how things aren’t lining up for you, like it seems to be for them?… & guess what?! It’s a GOOD thing that they don’t!

No 2 people were created the same. think about that. You are the only copy of you walking this earth. This being the case, everything about you makes you unique, including your thoughts, including your DREAMS. I’ve learned this truth more than ever this year, especially because I have come to face to face with many challenges & diversions (particularly in my career life) that have caused me to end up back at the door step of questioning myself & figuring out what the heck I want to do with my life. I don’t know everything about where I want to be but I do know:

I do not want to settle. ♒︎

I want to do what I love, with love. ♥︎

I want to influence & uplift people. ⇡

& I want to be happy doing it! ☺︎


I have to say its a double edged sword. If you're trying to promote your business, social media is your best friend to get the message out to not only people in your neighborhood, but those on the other side of the globe! It’s pretty amazing. However, social media can be paralyzing when you allow your thoughts to overtake you. One day you gain 50 followers, the next your -100. Huh?! You thought the content you were producing was sure to hook some peeps. You’re paying attention to your #’s now, which, in turn, makes you question what you may be doing wrong & ultimately diverts you from producing genuine material that you were once confident in. Don’t let other people cause you to stumble off course & ultimately altar YOU. Your message, your heart & your dream were meant to be shared with the world & I guarantee you you're meant to influence people by just. being. you. 


Recently, I posted something on social media & had hoped for audience participation, & when I received none, I felt…well, dumb.I was so excited to put myself out there & to be bold, but did not get the reciprocation I had hoped for. It made me question if blogging & inspiring others was worth it? Did anyone or does anyone even care? I’m honestly not sure, but I know that if I put my heart into what I do because I love what I do, then people will be drawn to it. They will want to see what it’s all about!

My encouragement to you ➡︎ even when the going gets tough & you step out on a limb, but feel rejection & just want to hide…DON’T. Shine brighter, & do it again! Only you have the power over your emotions, over your actions, over your climb! (on & up!)


I know many people, including myself, talk themselves off stage because they let other things smother the voice & the spark from within. Overcome, stand strong, feed yourself positivity, remind yourself of your WHY! ***& don’t look back!


After my moment of discouragement, my husband sent me this quote☟

“Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.”


I hope it does for you too. 

I hope you know that you are made for great things! 

I hope you know that NO ONE can take away your dream(s).


People can be your motivation, but never let others manipulate what you have in your hands- what you have the power to make special! As long as your response to chasing your dreams is: “I don’t care, I love it!” then hunny, you’re on the right path!