Fall To Sunshine. ☀︎

The fall leaves leave.

The whirling winds whistle: “hello.”

Photosynthesis has no means since the sunlight said its goodbyes. ☃

The colors on the trees are brightened ‘til they wither, brightened ’til they way.

Here for a spotlight moment, then gone with the break of day. ☁︎


Why is beauty so powerful, yet fleeting with time?

How do we bundle it up, contain it, to indulge in it all the time?

If the sun refuses to shine, will we too refuse to step outside? ☔︎

To hideaway our smiles, our faces, our hearts ♡, & our minds?


Oh YES, how the sun was made to bring life!

The center of our world shining ever so bright! ☆

Sustaining the crops, giving life to frail bones!

Then how shall we bear it-for it is no where to be found?

Hold on tight, for the light you seek may still remain…

A flicker of hope planted deep within our very own veins…

The desire for purpose, a plan far beyond… ✈︎

Our God is the center, the light sustaining ALL!


His promises & purpose so warm & so sweet. ☕︎

Only a taste of his goodness is like a summers refreshing treat.

Like the sun He is strong, yet constant with time.

You may not always feel Him, but He’s strongly rooted, strongly planted-He’s never left your side. ⚘

His mission to sustain you, befriend you & show you.

That you, deep down, can shine oh-so-brightly too! ☺︎

In fact, your design is to be like the Son, the One, the Alpha, the King!

To show everyone pure love ♥︎, through forgiveness & grace.

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So grab hold of pure joy, boldly claim it as your own.

Step into the shoes designed for you & GO! ☞

Be the light for all people, & when the rays stop to shine…

Dig deep & know-your purpose is brighter & just as powerful as SUNSHINE! ☀︎