The Power of Change (Halloween Edition). ☽

Halloween JUST passed & my hubby & I got to celebrate our 1st Halloween as a married couple (can I get a werewolf “owoooooo!”)! We dressed up as Eleven & Dustin from one of our favorite shows of the year, “Stranger Things!” It was EPIC! We had fun transforming ourselves in costume & getting crazy looks from other people passing by that were probably concerned as to why I was casually going about, as if I were unaware that I had blood (fake of course) coming out of my nose (ew, yea kind of gross, but at least we were believable enough to win a costume contest!). Anyways, while we were out frolicking at the Morton Arbordeum, taking lots of photos & visiting the trolls, we came across the word “change.” “Ok,” I said, “I will write yet another blog on this because I feel there is always something new to draw from on this topic!” & here you have it, you ghouls & goblins! ☺︎

Like I said, I’ve realized lately that I have been experiencing (& writing) a lot about the topic of “change,” BUT then it dawned on me that change is something that is ALWAYS happening! Change happens when ☞ you yourself are (actively) moving throughout your day to day life & open hearted ♡ to the uncomfortable churning & burning ♨︎ process that comes along with the production of growth (& no I’m not talking about the churning of a witches brew!). Although it may sound simple, challenge yourself to:

Embrace Change.


Never stop looking for ways to grow.

Change. It comes in many forms for us; we can experience physical change (ex: “Um, where did this pimple come from? It was definitely not here yesterday!”), lifestyle change (ex: “I am now choosing to eat healthier & exercise more, to help better my energy & overall well being!”),  or even emotional change (ex: “I just got a new puppy & every day I grow happier with it being around!”). Most of these forms of change allow us to have some sort of input in the outcomes, but most of the time-life. just. happens. We honestly have little to no control over most scenarios such as death, life, careers, relationships, etc. (just LIFE in general, am I right?!). We definitely have the ability to do what we can, putting our best foot forward, but when SEASONS happen & change comes knocking on your door (& is coming in whether you like it or not!), how do you/will you choose to handle it? 

Thought change.

Have you ever thought about the weight your W•O•R•D•S hold? Every word that comes out of your mouth is: a choice (even the ones I am typing right here, right now!)! Weird to think about, especially since our brains process things pretty quickly & most of our responses come from emotional reflex or by default from something we’ve experienced before!

Recently, I have been very aware of the words I allow to come out of my mouth because I know-words. have. power. I have the power to speak great things over my life, but I also have just as great of power at speaking my life into pieces

“What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.” (Matthew 15:11)

“The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but the perverseness in it breaks the spirit.” (Proverbs 15:4)

“From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied. The tongue has the power of life & death, & those who love it will eat its fruits.” (Proverbs 18:20-21)

WOW. Crazy, right? Reading those verses makes me shut my mouth right away & want to think twice about what I say to others & MYSELF! I think there is SO much truth to preachings of self-love, because if we aren’t truly at peace & choose to love ourselves 1st, then how can we fully love others? We have to get our spirits right first-developing a healthy core. What happens to fruits with rotten cores? They shrivel up & eventually die; but a healthy fruit is vibrant, juicy & produces even more fruit from what it leaves behind! (I’ll choose the route of the healthy peach, please!)

She ran with a purpose in her step.

She ran with a purpose in her step.

Personally for me right now, 1 of the things I have been struggling with most in my life, is fighting off thoughts of thinking I am just plain ol' ugly. I look in the mirror & I see the blemishes, I see the big nose, I see the imperfect smile. “You are your worst critic”-this is SO true! Social media plays a big factor in the comparison game because it is where people post their “best self” (or best selfies)! If being surrounded by images of others like this leads you to, in turn, think negatively about your own self, then do yourself a favor-delete your app for a few days & try fasting from it all! Take the time you would normally be on insta or FB & channel it into spending time reading positive word, remembering that you are “fearfully & wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14)-even if it takes you 100+ times to declare it before you start to wear it! There is no one like YOU! You are one-of-a-kind & that in itself is enough to be celebrated! Comparison is the thief of JOY! No más, no más (No more, no more!)

Think about Eleven (yes, the character I dressed up as for Halloween! ☝︎). If you haven’t seen the show, just know that Eleven is a girl of few words. However, if you were to mistake her few words for lack of power, you would have gotten yourself into a pickle-to say the least. Eleven is a strong character, with a difficult past that has paved the way for who she has become (or forced to become). She, in a way, uses her thoughts to control a situation, ultimately protecting those around her for the better of mankind. I still can hear her saying the word “enough,” over & over just before she wipes out one of the Demogorgons (aka the bag guys) with her telekinesis sort of super powers. This is definitely stretching my point a bit, but think about it-she said what needed to be said, & followed through with accomplishing her task at hand! Simple, maybe slightly unrealistic, but you get the point! The power of words. The power of words becoming an active part/force in our world.

Kid shenanigans.

Kid shenanigans.



(Guys! This is crucial!) ☞

What kind of world do you want to live in? Do you desire abundance in all areas of life: relationships, career, finances, personal, etc.?! Start using words that are going to lift up your life! You can help create the world you want to be a part of! Make declarations over your life & start claiming the BLESSINGS that are yours for the taking!

Can I get a YES & AMEN?!

God has so many great things that he is waiting to do in your life if you simple step up to the plate with boldness & ask for all that is in store! Keep your heart healthy so that in turn, your thoughts will flow from it & bring life to life itself!

The “Upside Down World” (Stranger Things reference)

The “Upside Down World” (Stranger Things reference)

Feed your heart. Change your thoughts. Build your world.