Have You Seen The Wonder? πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨

WONDER by Hillsong 🎼

"Have you ever seen the wonder? 

In the glimmer of first sight 

As the eyes begin to open

& the blindness meets the light

If you have so say..."

"I see the world in light"

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"I see the world in wonder"

"I see the world in life"


"Bursting in living color"

"I see the world your way."

"& I'm walking in the light"

"Have you ever seen the wonder?"


"In the air of second life"


"Having come out of the waters"

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"With the old one left behind"

"If you have so say"

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"I see the world in light"

"I see the world in wonder'

"I see the world in life"


"Bursting in living color"

"I see the world your way"

"& I'm walking in the light!"  

There is beauty all around. After walking 3+ miles around Chicago I successfully sought out graffiti/artwork on the streets. My goal was to highlight not only creation, but the beauty of color. Without color, these pieces of work would have a completely different effect on us as spectators. Don't get me wrong, artwork in black & white is beautiful in itself, BUT there is something intriguing & truly life-giving about the visual of colors. COLORS ---> The colors of the world, the colors within others, the colors within you! Stop & think about it. Stop & observe. Take time to glance around, to "stop & smell the roses" & appreciate all that is around you. β™‘ #It'sTheSimpleThings.