Let The Gardner, Garden. ✂︎

Have you ever walked into someones backyard & been blown away by their garden? I know I have! I've lived as a nanny in London & I came to find that many people took pride in having a beautiful, fresh-looking garden. I then came to find out that attractive gardens are not just crafted & produced overnight (*revelation*); it takes hours of labor, days of watering, & months of patience to see the blooming of such sights. I know what you’re thinking at this point- patience?!- “exactly why gardening has never been my forte!” To piggy-back off of the idea: “patience is a virtue,” let us also be reminded that —> nothing great ever comes easy!

Recently I worked on a film set in a department called, “Greens,” which I describe to everyone as “scenic landscaping.” Our work day was filled with many weather delays that prevented us from shooting ☔︎ & at one point during our break, I looked over to find some crew members cutting away at overgrown weeds & picking up trash in our local Chicago neighborhood. I was struck with surprise to see people taking initiative to better the world without actually being assigned to do so!; it’s not something you see too often, but wish to see more of! Without hesitation I grabbed my tools & jumped right in- finding many weeds to rid, & more importantly finding such a peace within myself as we worked among each other; a group in unity as a means to better the world around us! ☺︎ It was a free gift from us that came from our hearts ♡, because we cared (& do care). I stepped back only to realize- this is amazing GRACE


A gift freely given; Nothing that can be done to earn or disqualify one of this present.


This is what Jesus does in our life!: He is our life’s gardener! Entering politely he helps out without hesitation. With tending to each garden, he works at cutting out the weeds-the unwanted & dead things in our lives (bitterness, jealousy, worry, doubt, insecurity, etc.). He pays attention to the littlest of detail & when stepping back to view the the final product, the beauty is strikingly evident (yet we are still aware of the sweat & the tears that went into the behind-the-scenes work!). God cares & is moved by what he is passionate about- & that is US; helping & loving us by taking our mess(es) into his own hands ☝︎.


It takes work & action to make a difference (Faith is action). We have to be willing to scope out the scene in front of us, identify the different parts living there-the beauty & the unwanted mess- & make a conscious decision to take the appropriate steps forward —> & start landscaping!

Hey you, get to it!

I’ve found landscaping to be one of the most physically challenging jobs! Between laying down sod & digging holes to make way for new foliage, it requires some serious stamina! Seeing the transformation is always a motivating factor & the end result can create/change an environment completely! If we don’t possess the stamina to fight for goodness in our lives (& let God take the front seat in it all) how can we expect to see change for the better? (*food for thought*)

Greens are life-giving! Those trees you see outside your window (yeah, those things) give off Oxygen for us to continue to breath (breath in, breath out!). God wants us to be surrounded by people & things that bring life to our individual worlds; as a gardener would, he also works to provide us with space to allow for new things be birthed! So next time you get let go from a job, or maybe even “let go” from a relationship that becomes severed, stop & think that maybe this is God’s way of making space for NEW things to grow! Give it time, let the rain fall, let it marinate, & watch the buds blossom before you. One day you will find yourself looking back on those hardships & you will give thanks knowing that those diversions & bumps in the road lead you straight to where you needed to be(e)☟!


1. Identify The Flowers, Identify The Weeds!

Be observant, be alert! When you start to see buds of negativity or plants that have started to overtake & destroy the beautiful parts in your garden, rip them out from the root. It’s not always an easy & comfortable process, but it is indeed a freeing one! Feed the good parts of your life with truth, wisdom, confidence & h2o of course!

2. Make Space For New Trees!

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

(John 15:1-2)

3. Let The Gardener Do The Gardening.

God is our gardner & he tends to his work, because he cares about his work. & it’s not that he cares about the work in itself, but rather his focus is set upon the one he works on. God is an artist; from the creation of the world to the creation of the womb, he is a craftsman & is constantly putting in hours (even as we sleep) to teardown, uproot, replenish, & groom our lives into all they are called to be.

“The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scortched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” (Isaiah 58:11)