To The One Who Feels They Are Not Enough. ✍

I L-O-V-E people. You could call me a social butterfly because I soar when I am around others & truly feel full-at-heart when able to serve them in one way or another. God gave me a big heart ♥︎ (I’m not being big-headed about this), & I believe that because I care so much about others, I am sensitive to what they think & feel towards me. I’ve found that when I hear that others are not pleased with me-particularly those close to me-I immediately shrink up; I feel discouraged. Even if what has been said or felt is seen as untrue on my behalf, my mind begins to stir around lies & I end up feeling like: one. big. disappointment. If I am putting forth my best efforts, & in return still being told it is not up to par, what then? I cannot help but to feel that I am sometimes just: not enough

The correlation seems to go: 

I did not do enough therefore I am not enough. (*hint: lies!*)

Negative thoughts/lies can manifest in our heads, BUT only if we let them. It’s easy to feed into the fires of discouragement & failure; it is here where we can find ourselves deeper in & farther away from seeing the light from above ☝︎(which is) ☞ the truth that is trying to shine ☆ & coach us back into who we are truly called to be! ⟹ Don’t let the smoldering smoke cloud your vision! ☁︎

I found that with these efforts of trying to please (a.k.a “strive”), I was starting to see that I was being brought farther away from who I really was-who I am! If I’m always trying to meet a certain standard for the sole sake of others, then I end up changing fundamental characteristics that make me, ME! Ultimately, I believe I am here to activate my gifts/talents, utilize what has been placed in my hands, & be the best I can be for God & for others (same goes for you beautiful!). Even in the state of simply existing as who I am-I am enough; if it not perceived as so, it is simply out of my control. This my friends, is a situation only to be placed in the hands of the man above. No more strain & restless nights ➔ lean on the one who is ready to fight on your behalf (PoW, bAm, BoOm!); the one who has declared great things about you & your destiny. ☺︎ 

Your purpose is greater > than your performance

Let’s look @ it through a visual example of imagery (how my creative mind sees things!): 

Do you ever feel like you're running down the fast lane & not gaining any mileage? I feel like that all to often; In particular- when I'm at the gym, on the treadmill, where my legs are pumping (left, right, left, right!) & even though I’m sweating like a pig, I look up only to find myself in the same exact place from where I began (I know, I know, treadmills don’t travel). When you put in the work, the sweat ( & maybe the tears if you dislike running like me), you expect progress. You expect to get somewhere & look back on your accomplished work & when you don’t, you feel disappointed.

In addition to letting go of others opinions (that can rule our world), let’s eliminate this behavior of self-judgment & agree to:

*STOP: trying. START: trusting! #DontBeSoHardOnYourself!

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Be still & know that I am God

 I will be exalted among the

nations, I will be exalted in

the earth.”


-Psalm 46:10



We all fail⇢ we all fall short⇢ no human being is perfect, nor will ever be! The truth is when we stand alone we really are not enough…BUT the good news is: when we have God who is always on our side, it is in Him we are enough (& so much more)


When we stop listening to lies of the enemy & we let the truth saturate our hearts, we are no longer held down by negative feelings, but are FREE! When you discover the truth, you are unstoppable. As the saying goes, the truth will set you free!!! 


ATTENTION!: You have a fire inside of you that is not meant to be smothered nor dimmed down; ridden of its full potential. Let us not fall into believing the lies that we are not enough! Stand firm & be confident in knowing: 





 OH,  & darling... YOU. ARE. ENOUGH !!!!!!!!! XoXo.