Time To Grow More. ⚘

Painting is a process. This week I decided to reignite my hobby of painting with a vision in mind for a series I’d like to create. As for most things, with art comes many steps: ideas, goal preparation, supplies, sketching out, creating a draft, painting, more layers of painting, & so on.  As I sketch out the first image of the series on my 3’ X 5’ canvas, I am reminded that in parallel, the things we experience & go through are a process; a process that takes time

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the processes of life is relationships-as this is a huge chunk of what our lives consist of & revolve around. Whether friendly or romantic, we all have our checklists of the qualities we are seeking in another person, as well as a timeline for when & how we want things to happen. I’m definitely guilty of this myself, but have realized that these formulas we create don’t usually calculate, add up & grant us our expected results. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again because I truly believe: setting up precise expectations for anything lands you in dangerous territory! It is SO good to know what you want & don’t want in life, & our experiences we go through help us in discovering these things for ourselves. (For instance, I experienced chocolate in my life, & I continue to experience/eat it because it never fails to make me happy; thus, I know it is something I want to remain in my life, always). However, we need to find the balance between 1. not settling for less & 2. being open-minded/flexible along the way.

Thinking of us as a people --> We are all only human & to think of someone else as a perfect being who could never do you any wrong goes along with that idea of projecting unrealistic expectations. We can be so blinded from the reality of situations, people & how we think things are going to play out, that when we do finally see the “true colors” at hand, it's sometimes already too late. Our hearts got invested & therefore hurt because we did not take the time to open our eyes to what we stepped into in the first place; we weren’t conscious about guarding our hearts! 

Something I really struggle with is finding the balance between being open to new things & relationships, making sure I guard my heart along the way, all while trying not to be anxious over how it’s all going to play out. Basically feeling like I’m juggling pins, while riding a unicycle & swallowing fire at the same time (sign me up for the circus!). I have my lists of “yes please” and “no thank you”-s & can be so harsh to judge & rule out things in my life without giving them chance. Our initial reactions from the first sight of something may be- "this is not what I want, not what I ordered, no thanks." How will you truly know if you do not like something if you don’t bother to give it TIME?

I prayed about a relationship of mine the other day because I was having mixed feelings & was just all in my own thoughts. God said to me: relax, give it TIME. Immediately followed by the imagery of me tending to the mini plants I am trying to keep alive in my bedroom garden. It takes patience, attention, love, nurturing, & time to upkeep them & allow them to grow into all they are meant to be! It takes time to see growth & the beauty lies within the journey of discovering all of that potential.

It takes time to GROW.

1. Why put so much pressure on things?

Even if I am unsure in my own head, I want to continue to enter into situations with a renewed mind & my best self forward-letting things reveal themselves naturally. Give it a go, you never know!

2. Take things day-by-day!

No rush, just look for the beauty in the simplest of things & enjoy the journey of discovery. I don’t want to live in the anxious mindset questioning whether something will or will not work. I want to be present & content with not having to figure everything out in one setting. The maintaining of a positive perspective.

3. Getting out of your head.

Stop overthinking! I love to think about & process things in my head all the time which can get me into trouble. Overthinking can lead to doubt, which can lead to other things like fear & insecurity. Those things can cause you to exit a situation quicker than you can even be introduced to it. No more disqualifying. Let’s step outside our own chaotic mindsets & just live (deep breath). Cast your worries & burdens the Lord (Psalm 55)...He’s got you, He’s already taken care of it honey! 

Painting is a process. It requires time. With anything, if we want to see results we need to take the time to invest. A painting can be messy; you may be unsure of what your are doing when you first enter into it or even when you are mid-way through, but you figure it out as you go. The point is: you took the steps, bought the materials, & gave it a go. Maybe you had some vision for the art, but you were open & enjoyed the process (you even made a therapy session out of it with a little bit of Cadbury chocolate & a side of Simon & Garfunkel for the serenade). It’s time to step out, open up towards the sun, & see all that blossoms in you & around you because of it!

“Be open to it being way better than you expected.”