The Stranger, The Better. ™

We as a society have created so many false standards; one of them being: the social norm. What does it actually mean for someone or something to be “normal?” When I think of a reason as to how this concept was ever created, I’d say one of the primary contributing factors was (& is): fear. Someone got scared to be who they really were, to stand out of the crowd, & thought, "if we stay as similar to one another as we can, we’ll be in the safe zone"…NAHHH! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being like everyone else & feeling constrained in life because of it!

(Snappin' in agreement. ☝︎)

(Snappin' in agreement. ☝︎)

When we fall into the mindset of comparing ourselves to others (what they look like, tangibles they have, where they are in their walk of life, etc.), that is when we start doubting our own self, which ultimately leads us to discounting the greatness that already exists within. We have been crafted so elegantly, with reasondetail poured into every inch of our DNA (even down to the # of hairs on our head!). What a shame it would be if we were to throw away those special qualities that make us shine!

I’ve always been aware that I am different & the journey to discovering just who I really am is still in-process ☞ although it may be a difficult process, it’s also a great one!. Looking back on those high school days, I can say I was involved in an amalgam of clubs, but always seemed to gravitate towards the creative areas in particular. From dance team, to photography, to film & It wasn’t until sophomore year I decided to dive into theater & landed my first part in the musical, “The Pajama Game.” Some of my BEST memories from back in my high school days came from my experience in theater, specifically because of the P.E.O.P.L.E. Retreating backstage after school was such a relief; it was like entering a different world where I could unwind & expect to have fun, ultimately because I could be myself (& those around me could be too!).

I grew so much from that one experience & am thankful for days like those that have allowed me to build stronger character, as well as greater confidence.  

When you can walk in who you are 100%, you are set free, you are truly living.

One of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp, stars in one of my favorite films (go figure): ✄ Edward Scissorhands. If you haven’t seen the film, I’m sure you’ve seen a picture of little Eddie & from just one glance would assume that he may have been some sort of outcast based solely off of his looks. He even said himself,…

“People are afraid of me because I am different.”-Edward

This to me says a lot about our culture & who we are as human beings. We’ve created this concept that if we look too out of the “ordinary” we may just stand out from the crowd, thus putting ourselves at risk for potential criticism & “gosh only knows what else they would be whispering behind our backs!” If one took the time to get to know Edward's character & talents, they'd see how amazing he actually is (Ex: the fact that he can make giant-abstract bush sculptures & has silverware already embedded in his hands-how cool is that?!).. Let’s rule out judgment in our own lives & let people be who they are called to be, just as we would want the same for ourselves. Join me in the journey to being BOLD & being ME (or you being you of course!). 


Focus on what makes you, you right now… & start embracing it with all you have! Let your light shine! You have permission to be:


(Pt. 2 Below ☟)