La La Love. ☽


“City of stars / Are you shining just for me? / City of stars / There’s so much that I can’t see / Who knows? / I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you…”

From the title of my blog- “La La Love”- you may have showed up here thinking that I am going to crank out some juicy story about love, fairytales, & happily ever-afters. Although love is part of this tale, it only plays a supporting role in the beauty of life as a pursuer of dreams. The award-winning soundtrack “City of Stars,” as quoted above, comes from the colorful film La La Land (2016)- starring Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone. The lyrics start off creating imagery of two lovers, however if we finish off the ending of this particular verse we see more. Love not only gets these two singing & dancing, it’s love that allows them to come face-to-face with the open door to their dreams.

“…That now our dreams / They’ve finally come true.”

Besides the fact this film was a brilliant original-modern-day musical, what I truly loved about it was it’s human & natural qualities, which were created through taking us (as an audience) through the ups & down’s of life’s journey. It’s rawness allowed me to feel connected based off of my own experiences of relationships, rejection & heartache.  If we think back, we’ve all held a relationship (friendship, romantic, or other) that has ended for a particular reason & caused us hardship in some way. In the midst of moments such as these, it can be hard to focus on seeing the positives of what came from that relationship; I believe that with any experience, as well as any relationship, everything happens for a reason.

Gosling & Stone had a beautiful and quirky relationship, but not something too out of the ordinary from what we’d experience today with dating. Two creative dreamers came together, their worlds collided, & as much as I was cheering for them to be together until the end, this was not their fate (spoiler, I know). As heartbreaking as that still sounds to me, I walked away seeing the bigger picture. I think in life, stepping back & doing just the same in our own lives is needed from time to time.

Love. For them, love was their stepping stone. Love ignited something inside of them, inspired them to go after the dreams they held in their hearts. They encouraged each other to persevere through rejection & difficult circumstances, & saw hope when it seemed like there was none. 

Love is the “fuel” that enables us to continue on the road to our dreams.


Lately I’ve been reminded by friends of the saying: You’ll have to kiss a few of frogs before you find your prince. I believe in parallel that for every person that has been deemed successful this too is true: It is normal for one to experience a handful of closed doors & rejection before they reach their dreams. After all, “Something worth having never comes easy!”

In the end, I think there is so much takeaway from this work of art. If I could sum it up & draw out the inspiring aspects I would say: there is beauty in the sometimes challenging mission to reaching our dreams & just in life in general. I’m choosing to look at my difficult circumstances not as setbacks, but as building blocks & opportunities for growth. I always loved the metaphor of what it takes to attain muscle growth through working out. You lift heavy weights, you sweat, you’re umcomfortable, muscles rip, & you want to give up-BUT when you’re done you see transformation (a.k.a. you become more buff) & one step closer to winning that body building competition (#goals, kind of). 

Wherever you are in life right now, I want you to be encouraged! Train your eyes to see the positive in every situation, DREAM BIG, & never give up. Though you may not see it in certain seasons of life, God is always on your side, working all things together for your GOOD.

"City of Stars / Are you shining just for me? / City of Stars / You never shined so brightly."

    Fin. (The End).