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The minute I had to decide what my very first post would be, I felt pressure. I started to think about many things, but my main question to myself was: "what topic would set a good foundation for this overall blog?" "Crowned in Victory..." It hit me that the most fitting thing to do would be to dissect the why behind the what of my blog title, & draw you into my world.


Sometimes I Google random things simply because I am curious, but also because I am a "thinker" & like to figure out the deeper meaning behind what's in front of me. One day I was thinking about names & their significance & you guessed it, I decided to Google what the internet said my name meant. "Stephanie. Pronunciation: 'STEFF-a-nee;' origin: Greek; meaning: 'Crown; victorious'"- BAM! Come to find out the French & American meanings of the name literally are: "Crowned in Victory."

First thing I thought of (jokingly) was: "Yessss! I always knew I was a princess but wow, here's my confirmation!" Joking aside, I knew there was a deeper meaning to this discovery the moment I read the words aloud. It's as if God was trying to show me something so deep about myself, my identity... & believe me he did.

Throughout my journey as a follower of Jesus Christ, I have learned so much about the character of God, my purpose & my identity (who God says that I am). With anything, it's so easy to believe in something for that period of time, but when hardships arise that is when your faith is truly tested & room for doubt can creep right on in. Speaking from a position where I have dealt & overcome many of life's hardships (because of God), I can definitely attest to the fact that having a firm grip on your identity is KEY.




Throughout the Bible, many things can be found on who God says you are-I will name a few out of the many.


•You are alive; a new creation; Free from sin, free from bondage.(Ephesians 2:5 / Romans 8:2)

•You are a child of God; an heir of the most high.(Romans 8:17)

•You can do ALL things through Christ; purposed for greater things.(Philippians 4:13)


•You are LOVED♥ completely, right where you are, no matter how undeserved you feel.(1 John 4:18)


If you are reading this, feel encouraged. His word is life-giving & His love is like nothing this world can offer. I am thankful for this journey called life, & excited for you to join me along the ride! Remember girls (& guys), even if your name isn't "Stephanie," you are: "CROWNED IN VICTORY!" #Heir #of #the #most #high

"For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith." (1 John 5:4)