Sail With IT. ♒︎


One of the best feelings in the world is when you see, hear, or experience something that resonates with your heart & soul. It’s a feeling like no other. You just know when it’s something special & that it is by default going to be stored in the front pocket of your favorite jeans, ready to be whipped out & used when needed in life (queue ninja “Hiyah!”). Let me share with you my most recent & prominent experience with this-in which I took away something greater, something life-giving.

This week I took a trip to the movie theater & experienced Disney’s Moana- an animated film about a “spirited teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder & fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest (IMBD).” Although this description holds truth to the premise of the film, the soulful impact of Moana’s mission lies beyond the shallow waters. Despite the fact that Moana has been born into a role of high prestige & respect amongst her community, she is internally reminded (by the tug on her heart), that she is meant for something greater than where she stands on land. When the realization hits that life is short & the time is now, she becomes bold in a moments time & jumps on board to her mission at hand (literally sails away). 

There are so many beautiful aspects I can pull from this film, but the basic premise of what we can see here is >>> Even though she many not understand what “IT” is (her mission), where she is going, or how she’ll get there (she can’t even sail)…she TRUSTS. She BELIEVES. She questions, “WHY ME?!,” & continues forward on her route regardless of whether she sees the answers to the questions she has. 

“…See the line where the sky meets the sea? // It calls me // And no one knows // How far it goes // If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me // One day I’ll know // How far I’ll go…” –"How Far I’ll Go," Disney’s Moana Soundtrack 𝄞

These lyrics highlight the mystery of what lies ahead in her journey; the beautiful unknown path she is called to run. Personally, throughout the many seasons of my life, especially the ones where it seems like I’m traveling against the grain, it can be hard to see the progress I am are making while in the midst of everything. However, since I have previously experienced the victory of what it feels like to make it out of a storm & look back in awe of how far I traveled from my original starting point, continuing the present journey is made that much easier; My past becomes my hope. “One day I’ll know how far I’ll go”- is a great reminder that regardless of the journey we are on, we can always set our eyes on “what lies ahead,” resting assured that the fruit of all we reap & sew will be awaiting us at the finish line.

Hopefully thus far your heart has been stirred in some way from what you’ve just read. I know thinking about your “purpose” & “calling” is such a huge concept & it can be overwhelming to think about/frustrating to pinpoint! But here are some practical ways you can seek “IT” out (things I can definitely vouch for):

1) Prayer/Word: Seek God 1st, He knows the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4); ask Him to reveal things to you. Be bold in this! & Believe me, whether through the people around you or the book you’re reading, He will show up! So slow, look, & listen.

2) Think introspectively & pull out that journal: “What is my personal “IT” (mission I’ve been called to)? What evident tools have been given to me (giftings, talents, passions)?-It’s no coincidence that your unique giftings & passions are correlated with the path you are walking out & ultimately destined for! 

3) Be still. It’s easy to get upset because you want the answers here & now, but God’s timing is always perfect. I’ve learned to live life a day at a time, & now choose to enjoy the ride to discovering my purpose; watching it unfold with each stride or baby step (when it get hard) that I take. 

4) Let God be the wind in your sail; though you may not see Him personally, you will feel him at work. He will guide you; let Him be the captain of your ship!


The main mission for Moana is to return the heart of Tafiti & restore the land-what beautiful symbolism & imagery we have here! When this is accomplished, love & life are brought back to the islands as well as to the people in her world; the light shines through & the flowers start to blossom & grow again.  This is exactly what I feel we are ALL called to do in one way or another. When we go after what we need to in life out of love & for the sake of love, the butterfly effect comes into play-allowing us all to experience unity & prosperity on the deepest of levels. In the end, our paths & stories may look different from one another (from an external perspective), but if we live this out like Moana, the internal will deliver the same results.

"Let all that you do be done in love (1 Corinthians 16:14).

God is love, and love brings life.