Scarves & Lattes. ☕︎

Tis’ the season to be...G E N E R O U S.

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Generosity (noun): “A willingness to give help or support, especially more than is usual or expected.”

(EX: “She is admired for her generosity.”)

October’s celebration of “Thanks-giving” has not been given it’s name for nothing! Find ways to be thankful in your own life, & be the hands of generosity that give people something extra to be thankful for! We have been assigned to be carriers & distributors of love ⇢ & honey, it starts with me & you! I realize that I may never be insta-famous or never be a millionaire, but if I can make a difference in one persons life with what I have been given, I feel that I have done my job! One of my top missions in life is to live to inspire others; it makes me happy to bring joy to others, especially when they aren't expecting it! So whether you stop to encourage a stranger through conversation or pay for the persons coffee in the line behind you, remember ⇢ Don’t diminish the power of genuine generosity, whether you see it as a little or big deed. & in this case, don’t diminish the power of a latte. A little goes a long way; a little is a latte (“a-lot,” get it?!) ☺︎

“You’ll not likely go wrong here if you keep remembering that our Master said, ‘You’re far happier giving than getting.’” (Acts 20: 35)