My name is Stephanie Ann Ramos (formerly Pisano) (& I actually don’t speak Hawaiian, but secretly wish I did! ). I live in the beautiful city of Chicago where you can find the world's BEST pizza & my neighbors-the McCallister’s-yes, from Home Alone.  

As for me, I am definitely a driven creative (slightly eccentric?) with a kid-at-heart mentality & sense of spirit! If you’re looking for me, chances are you will find me wandering the streets of wherever I may be-taking in the scenery, snapping photos, & making friends with strangers. My faith in Jesus is the single most important thing at the center of my life, & I am so thankful for all that comes with that.

Currently: Running after life day-by-day, purpose-driven, soaking in the now & anticipating the 'what is to come!'


Everyone is born with a story. I want to bring you stories & experiences drawn from my own life, as well as the life of others, in the most rawest form.

I plan to highlight the colors of creation through the avenues of photography, art, song & of course, written word.